10 Common Fruits and Vegetables That Can Hurt or Kill Your Dog – BEWARE!

Beware: 10 common fruits & veggies that could kill your dog

apple seeds

Photo: USFWS-Pacific Region on Flickr

#1 Apple Seeds

Apples are a tricky fruit where dogs are concerned. The skin and flesh of apples are loaded with crunchy goodness including vitamin A and vitamin C and most dogs love the taste of this treat, but never let your dog eat the core!

Why It Can Be Bad For Dogs:

The seeds in apples contain cyanide and even humans should avoid them because the effects of eating the seeds build up over time. Dogs can be much more susceptible to the accumulated effects because of their lower body weight.

What to do:

If your canine pal consumes one or two seeds, it is probably not too dangerous, although you should always check with your veterinarian if you are in doubt. The problem with apple seeds and similar toxic fruits and vegetable parts builds up over time. If your pup develops a taste for apples and gets into a produce basket or browses apples fallen from a tree, that can be a greater cause for concern.

Apples aren't the only common fruit to watch out for. Check out the next one on the list (and it's wrinkly cousin) on the next page:

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