10 Common Fruits and Vegetables That Can Hurt or Kill Your Dog – BEWARE!

Beware: 10 common fruits & veggies that could kill your dog


photo: Vicky & Chuck Rogers on Flickr

#5 Mushrooms

Although dogs mostly have pretty robust digestive systems, there are a few mushroom species they'll find toxic. Just like with humans, most mushrooms won't bother your dog, but some are severely toxic and they can be very difficult to identify.

Why It Can Be Bad For Dogs:

Mushroom toxicity can cause fatality in dogs, due to seizures, tremors, and even organ failure!

What to do:

Since mushrooms offer little nutritional benefit to a dog, it's best to avoid them entirely. If you discover your dog has consumed mushrooms, perhaps while out for a walk in the forest, it's very important to consult a veterinarian immediately.

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