Adorable Rescue Pup Called Popeye Eats Better Than Us!


Food is a good thing. For pretty much any hungry human being or, for that matter, a doggie something tasty can make our day!

But when you are a starving little dog, roaming the streets of Los Angeles, a good meal is the equivalent of nirvana! Popeye was once such a pooch, lonely and famished, but he was rescued by two kind pet parents, Mr. and Mrs. Diep. They cleaned his fur and put some much-needed meat on Popeye's bones. And love him dearly.

Popeye was well on his way to being a very special pooch!

It was later the couple discovered how well Popeye obeyed the rules on the outdoor patios of L.A.’s many pet-friendly restaurants. And, wow, he really is a very photogenic dog! A star is born!

Check out Popeye, in his adorable glory, displayed with any number of mouth-watering foods!

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