All This Pug Needed Was a Pair of Socks and Her Life Changed for the Better



Having a loving dog that has been with you through childhood tantrums, teenage break-ups, and college trials and errors is a wonderful thing. It is as if your brother or sister – or your best friend – is watching over you, making certain all is well. Security and consistency its name be… dog!

But, along with having your pooch with you for the long haul comes the problems of old age.

Take Leia the Pug for instance. She’s a healthy but somewhat frail little girl of a certain age. Her legs do not carry her like they used to and when her family decided to go from carpeting to hardwood floors – things got complicated, making poor Leia very unhappy!

After the break, go over and read a bit of Leia’s story and how her pet parents fixed a somewhat perilous situation that could have injured the precious pug if not for her wonderful new pair of socks!

They may only be our dogs but they are family and if we can help them feel more secure and confident we’ll do all we can!

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