7 Dogs That are SO Over the Rain. Make it Stop Already!

cold pug

UGH! The rain is such a bummer! Everything gets so cold, slippery and wet. There's no way to enjoy going for a nice walk without getting completely soaked.

The rain is also no fun for a dog! And after you check out some pretty funny pics of doggies in the rain, you'll realize that generally speaking, dogs just don't like the rain! LOL! They know it's a total kill joy!

How else are they going to lay down on the soft grass or chase their favorite squirrels if it's raining out there?! LOL!

If the rain brings you down, then you'll relate to these bummed out pooches. Stay dry and check out these seven pups that have had enough of this rainy weather! Rain, rain go away!

See how badly these seven dogs really want the rain to stop after the break.

Via @MonsterBunny_x / Twitter

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