Finally Solve the Mystery as to Why a Dog Turns Around Several Times Before Sitting Down HERE!

sad French Bulldog

Authorities in dog psychology are often asked the oddest questions when it comes to canine behavior. It can have anything to do with eating to walking. Why do dogs do what they do? If we or they could ask the pooch and have them verbally answer it would be so much easier.

Unfortunately, dogs have their secrets and it is up to humankind to figure them out through their conduct.

One of the more interesting questions is why a dog turns around several times before sitting or laying down. We have observed times when they do not do it at all but then suddenly a pooch will get up and do their strange little twirl.

We were once told the behavior comes down through the years as a recall to when their wolf ancestors had to watch their backs in the wild. So, ever cautious, they turned about to make certain there was no predator behind them.

We are not so sure about that in this day and age but we suspect an expert would.

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