Is Your Dog Jumping on Guests? Get Him to Stop With These Tips

dog jumping

When dogs jump and you don't want them to it's important not to lecture them. Dogs do better by praising them for things they do correctly through positive reinforcement. That's why ignoring your pooch when they jump on you is the best. Try turning your back to him! There are more training tips to help reign Fido in below and you can check out more ways to train him on Urdogs

Here’s the trick that will solve you this problem. Simply when your dog jumps on, do the following:

1. Avoid any eye contact with your dog.

2. Cross your arms over your chest.

3. Turn your back to your dog and don’t say a word!

4. When your dog comes back in front of you to jump again, say “SIT”

5. If they sit, make sure you reward them with a TREAT!

Now they can associate jumping on you with no attention and no care and when they don’t jump on you and sit they’ll be rewarded!

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