Is Your Dog Ticklish? The Truth Will Surprise You:

ticklish pug

Find out if your dog is ticklish! You'll be shocked!

You and your pup are lounging on the couch, four episodes into a Netflix binge marathon. He flops over for a belly rub and you hit that sweet spot that gets his leg kicking non-stop. Cute, right? He’s ticklish! Or is he?

Some pet parents say their dogs laugh, but we don’t really know for sure what a dog feels.

When you hit that “sweet spot,” your dog’s scratch reflex is triggered and he involuntarily attempts to kick away the offenders. The scratch reflex can be a bit stronger in dogs that tend to be itchier than most, especially dogs with allergies or skin conditions.

As much as we all wish our dogs were ticklish and laughing at our silly human antics, these reactions are just as involuntary as some of our own reflexes.

Well, it looks like the mystery is solved. Dogs don't exactly feel ticklish like humans do. However, some doggy parents will beg to differ. Do you think your dog is ticklish?

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