Lessen Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain With the Following Effective Treatments…

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It's so hard watching your pooch in pain during her older years but don't give up hope on figuring out some effective ways to help her lessen the pain. Different therapies include heat treatment, manipulation of joints, and massages that can relieve aches and pains. In addition to the treatments mentioned below, Pets Adviser goes into more detail about additional treatment options, so don't forget to head to their website.

1. Weight Control
Scientists looked at this in humans as well as in pets, and the message is that losing weight is a great treatment for arthritis.

2. Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements
Nutraceuticals are food supplements with a drug-like action.

3. Massage
The ancient practice of using massage to relieve aches and pains goes back not centuries but millennia.

4. Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy uses physical manipulation and non-drug therapies to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Therapies include:
• Passive manipulation of joints
• Heat treatment
• Acupuncture

5. Hydrotherapy
The dog is supported in a harness and lowered into warm water, where currents encourage him to move his limbs.

6. Medications
Many excellent pain-relieving medications (from the NSAID family) have high safety margins. Pain relief is not only humane but also encourages mobility.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a small battery-powered device that produces a low electrical current to the skin.

8. Cold Laser Therapy
Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free way of increasing the micro-circulation to inflamed joints.

9. Stem Cell Therapy
In stem cell therapy, baby stem cells harvested from body fat are processed and injected into the diseased joints.

Although scientists debate the effectiveness, 98 percent of pets reportedly show an improvement — many of these life-changing.

10. Joint Replacement Surgery
Just as people can have joint replacement surgery, so can dogs. Until recently, the wide range in sizes — from chihuahua to Great Dane — held things back, but now more implant sizes are available.

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