No One Could Get Close to This Stray Dog Until a Little Girl Tried This…


Stray dogs can be tricky to catch but this little girl knew just what to do!

When we first adopt a new dog, it is very important to make sure we keep all doors and windows closed or keep a close on our dogs when they get close to them.

The reason why is because the first few days after adopting a new furry friend your dog may try to escape. They aren't used to us yet and they get frightened and confused.

If you have ever adopted a dog and then had it get loose, you know how hard it can be to find and catch them again. That is what happened in one particular story. No one could get close to this stray dog.

Luckily one little girl had a great plan and it worked like a charm. This story will melt your heart and even might make you think more about the special bond dogs tend to form with children.

To find out how this little girl managed to get close to this stray dog when no one else could, please head on over to the next page. 

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