[VIDEO] 16 Adorable Pug Babies Eagerly Visit Their Human Mom, and Then THIS Happens…

mom and puppies

Get ready because this is the cutest attack you'll ever see! These pug puppies are so excited to visit their mommy that they forget their manners!

It's ok, though. It looks like their human mom doesn't mind the attack of kisses she's about to receive. I mean, who would mind?!

You'll love watching the puppies and their wagging tails and adorable faces as they run to greet mommy. Their human mommy can't resist their adorable nature and decides to surrender to their kisses! LOL!

These pug puppies may be small, but they have BIG hearts and tons of love to give! I bet you'll fall in love with them too as they take over and topple down their mommy. They really are too cute for words!

Watch what happens when pug puppies attack their human mommy after the break! This is one greeting you don't want to miss! 

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