(VIDEO) A Frenchie Comes Across a Small Poodle. Will They Be Friends? OMG, Now THIS You Have to See!

Frenchie and poodle playing

While we would like to believe that all puppies get along all of the time we have to wonder about the cute couple we are introduced to on page two. Are they friends or foes?

They are a two two-month-old poodle puppy and a year and a half old French bulldog who seem to be out about at an event! The Frenchie is a classic beauty, wearing the latest fashion on her firm body. The poodle puppy is all dolled up, fluffy and free, and ready to take the world by storm.

But how are they together?

It could be that they're playing, the over exuberant poodle is taking “the fun” into her own hands, or it could be aggression! It’s a little hard to tell – but our elegant Frenchie does look like she would rather be somewhere else!

Go take a look at these charming would-be friends by watching the video on on the next page and you can decide for yourself!

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