(Video) Cat Meets Puppies for the First Time and How She Responds is Not How I Would Have Expected:


Even when a cat and a dog get along there seems to be a tolerant understanding between the two. You don’t get into my stuff and I won’t chase you or scratch out your eyes.

It is a simple but workable arrangement. They do not have to love each other but as long as they don’t kill one another all is good.

Then we have the young cat and two puppies that get together for the first time on the next page. Now, do not get the idea that they get along straight out of the gate. There is definite tension, especially with a cat who is being told she needs to now share her home with two really odd-looking strangers!

However, less than twenty-four hours later there is a change of scenery and it is hilarious!

After the break go to the next page and enjoy the introduction of new friends!

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