(VIDEO) If You Think You’ve Seen Adorable Puppies, Just Wait Until You See These Pug Babies – I’m Melting!

adorable pug puppies

Believe me when we say that these pug puppies are some of the most adorable around! Accompanied by a cute little girl, the puppies and little girl show us what play time is all about on camera.

There's no doubt about it, the way they run around and kiss each other is so sweet! The little girl is so lucky to be able to play with baby pugs all day long!

I wish I could keep all of them because they're absolutely charming!

If you need to fill your day with a little bit cuteness, then this is the perfect video for you. It'll make you want to run in a field filled with adorable pug puppies like these. They're sooo adorable!

Watch one lucky girl as she plays with some of the most adorable pug puppies on the internet! And lucky for you, you get to watch all of this cuteness unfold on the next page!

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