(Video) Kind Hearted Pizza Guy Delivered a Lot More Than Pizza After Making This Special Discovery on His Route

pizza guy and dog

We would all like to be like Steven Donovan, a nice unassuming pizza delivery guy who is more than the sum of his parts.

One day, while out doing his deliveries, he is surprised by a dog out in the middle of a busy street, appearing wholly lost. Any other driver might have shrugged and went on his way but Steven immediately felt for the pup and decided to help him. After all, he thought, he couldn’t just leave him there!

The dog’s name was Mr. Snickers, according to his address tag, and Steve knew where he lived. After delivering a pizza he was going to take the pup home, even though he could get into some serious trouble from his workplace.

On the next page, we have a video showing Steven, Mr. Snickers, and the story behind and around their meeting — and a good deed by a good man.

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