(VIDEO) Max the Pug Sings Us a Song! When You Hear it? Oh My Goodness!

Max the Pug

If you’ve ever heard the song “Rainbow Connection,” made famous by Jim Henson’s Muppets (c), you’ll know it as a song of hope and a man (frog) trying to make his way through this complicated world.

The same can be said for sweet and kindly Max, the Pug, and his interpretation of the same song. Max has had many adventures and, along with this charming tune sung by Max himself; we see clips of his beautiful life!

And you got to get a load of his cute little tail. It’s so sweet!

Go to the next page and check out this star in the making. Max has true charisma, and charm and his fan base can tell you that he is the next big thing in Puggy celebrities!

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