(Video) Pug Puppy’s Very First Swim Lesson is Priceless

swimming and floating pug

Every time we teach our human children something new, when we see the excitement or knowledge dawn on their cute little faces, we experience a nice sense of pride. “We did that.” We think and life is grand!

The same can be said for our puppies. While we are not altogether certain a dog-mommy undergoes the same sense of pride as a human mother does, they have to feel something. Because if they do not we certainly will!

Check out the adorable pug puppy on the next page. Milo is experiencing his first wide-body of pool water. He is being taught to swim and there is a combination of fear, concentration, and determination on his adorable face.

While the pug on the inner tube may not be his Mommy — his name is Otis — we do sense a little pride there too!

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