(VIDEO) Puppy Struggles Are Real! Watch This Adorable Corgi Attempt to Go Up the Stairs

Corgi tries to make it up the stairs

It's a hard life for this adorable pot bellied Corgi doggy! LOL! As if it wasn't already a struggle enough with unusually short legs and small body, this Corgi has a terrible time finding a way to get up the steep stairs. Poor little pup!

You must watch him struggle up the stairs; it ‘s so sweet! As hard as it is for this little guy, he's determined to find a way up no matter how long it takes.

The fact that he's so determined to make it up the stairs is what makes this doggy relatable. We've all been there before when we're tired and full, so we know it's a struggle! LOL! And we also have to mention that he's so adorable while he attempts to climb those stairs!

Will this adorable puppy finally be able to make it up the stairs? You'll have to watch and find out!

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