(Video) Shelter Dog Was too Depressed to Move — Until a Special Stranger Showed Up


Sometimes it is what you do not know about a dog that can make for a confused and tragic pup. Imagine not knowing that Fido is happiest when little Johnny comes home from school. If we kept Johnny away from Fido the poor pup might always be antsy or depressed!

The same might be said for a frightened and morose Pitbull named Nala. She was rescued, as a street dog, in New Zealand and brought to a shelter. There, the owner did all she could, even sitting on the floor on and off for two days, to get the dog to respond.

Sadly, having trust issues, poor Nala merely trembled and growled. No one knew what might bring the pooch out of her funk. Then, one day something happened that surprised one and all. What happened to make the formally terrified and depressed Pitbull sit up and take notice?

After the break go over to the next page and find out! It is guaranteed to warm the heart and make you look at what you thought a “mean” dog a totally different way!

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