(VIDEO) They Lean in to Kiss. How it All Plays Out? Cutest Pug Kiss in History!

pug kiss

A kiss is the essence of innocence, especially at a young age. An innocent kiss reminds us of the act of unconditional love through a genuine act of affection. Young children occasionally like to give one another quick kiss, and it's the cutest thing ever!

Usually, our furry friends love liking everything and occasionally one another, but rarely does it turn into a human kiss. However, if caught at the right angle, two Pugs can kiss!

How a Pug kiss progresses is fun to watch, especially if you're a Pug fan! Today you get to watch how adorable puppies kiss — and how it all plays out. This progression of a Pug kiss is something you can't miss, and later you get to watch the entire kiss on video. SO. CUTE.

The kissing Pugs are named Emma and Paul, and they live in Germany. At the beginning of the video they are seen going on a walk:

pugs going on a walk

Stay tuned because after the break you’ll get to watch how these two adorable Pugs interact with one another. Then stay tuned for the infamous Pug kiss on the last page where you'll get to watch the video. Trust me; you're going to want to watch it — I still can't stop replaying it over and over!

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