(Video) This Dog Asks His Dad for Forgiveness. How He Begs? I Can’t Even Over This Video!

dog asking for forgiveness

We are not sure what it is Ettore has done to get this severe talking to but it must have been something big. This poor pup seems VERY guilty about something! However, hopefully not so big that there can be no pardon for this otherwise adorable Lab! I still can't believe this pooch acts this way!

We would swear this handsome canine understood every word his master said to him. Not just the “No.” but the entire reprimand. And we can hear him, through body action, begging for forgiveness – and it’s nearly heartbreaking!

We are just glad the two. Daddy and fur baby, made amends, – in the most charming way – by the end of the video! Did we really have any doubts?

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