(Video) This Family Got a Doxie Puppy and When They Introduce Her it’s Hard Not to Say “Aww!”


The cuteness of a puppy can be measured in many different ways. We have the playful characteristic, how she reacts to bath-time, how much she loves to be cuddled and – in this case – how really sweet her pet parents are!

Martha the Doxie is very fortunate to have a couple of young pet parents who have not yet had their own children. Nearly everything is about the dog!

They dote on their little treasure and the eight weeks old, although still a bit nervous, seems to be taking all the attention in with a generous amount of grace and adorableness.

Over on the next page, there's a dear video of Martha and her family. Watch their journey as Mom and Dad make Martha a home, coddle her and – yes – need to give the puppy her first bath.

How does she react? It might surprise you.

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