(Video) This is Quite Possibly the Most Adorable Game of Tug-of-War We’ve Ever Seen

tug o war

When you are a child, playing outdoors with your friends or brothers and sisters, that care-free time together is a joy! We want to tell those youngers to appreciate it because eventually, things will get tougher so play-play-pay for now!

This thought comes to mind as we watch two adorable pure breed Russian Samoyed puppies! They are fluffy and white and, with their little growls and whimpers, we are reminded of those days when we were kids when something as simple as a rope or, in their case, a belt could mean fine times and great toys!

Why not indulge in a little game of Tug-of-War? It only seems natural!

After the break watch these two white and fuzzy puppies give their all in play, insisting that one and only one has the right to keep that belt, an object of great satisfaction!

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