(Video) This Pug is Being Put to Sleep by a Car Ride. How He Says “Are We There Yet?” LOL, Poor Sleepy Baby!

Pug pup car ride

Road trips are always an adventure. There's so much to do and see! Exploring a new town is fun and having the right people along with you can make it an even better experience.

This adorable Pug has a different idea. He is all tuckered out from all the amazing road trip scenery he's been seeing! When you see him start to doze off in his car seat, you're going to laugh out loud! LOL!

The way this Pug looks is priceless. Just look at those sleepy doggy eyes. He just can't stay awake much longer. You need to see what happens next!

Watch how this sleep pooch tries to stay awake during his car ride on the video on the next page!

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