(Video) This Pug Makes Hilarious Noises to Tell Mom She Can’t Work. Now Watch What Happens Next – ROFL!

pino pug

Most doggies love to cuddle and they can get a little, well, needy when they don't get their own. Besides, needing affection is just a great sign that a pooch loves their human, right?! And oftentimes a dog will go to great lengths to make sure the affection happens!

So when this Pug finds out that her Mom is hard at work, she fights to make that cuddle time happen!

Even though Mom isn't too crazy about it, you have to watch and see what lengths this Pug goes to get Mom to notice her. She starts making funny sounds and that's not all to get her Mom's attention! It almost sounds like she's talking!

So… will this hard working doggie listen to her affectionate pooch and take a break? I can't believe what happens next!

Keep watching to see how one dedicated Pug decides to let her mom know that it's time to cuddle up next to her now — and not later — on the video after the break! 

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