(VIDEO) Thoughtful Hubby Surprises His Wife With a Pug Puppy. Her Response? This is the PERFECT Family!

pug puppy surprise

When surprising anyone with a thoughtful gift, a puppy will always be a crowd pleaser! I mean, it's pretty hard to resist a tiny furball of love!

This loving husband knew how much his wife loves Pugs and decided to surprise her with an adorable Pug puppy! You'll love seeing this wife's shocked face! She had no idea what was coming. LOL!

She is so lucky, don't you think?! You can really see all the love they have in that happy home. On the video, you'll love seeing how excited this Pug is to have a new mommy! Trust me; you'll want to watch this adorable moment again and again!

Watch how this unsuspecting wife responds to her hubby's puppy surprise on the next page! Talk about heartwarming!

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