(VIDEO) You Won’t be Able to Stop Laughing Over This Extremely Hyper Pug on a Trampoline!

pug on a trampoline

Hold on to your hats because it's about to get bouncy! This overly hyper pup absolutely loves his trampoline time and you won't be able to take your eyes off of him on today's video! LOL!

On the next page watch how this hyperactive pug goes crazy when his owner lets him up on the trampoline. He's hilarious with every move he makes! The things this little pug can do on his trampoline will amaze you!

As he explores this new bouncy surface, he gets so excited that he starts jumping and bouncing around to his heart's content! You can tell that Napoleon the pug isn't afraid to jump for joy and have a laugh or two while he's enjoying the trampoline in the great outdoors! LOL!

You'll be cracking up for a while once you see how crazy Napoleon the pug gets during his bouncy playtime.

Watch how this perky pug entertains everyone with his funny trampoline tricks on the next page!

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