Watch How a Puppy Reacts Over a Door Stop! What a Temper Tantrum!

Temper tantrum over door stop

Even puppies can have temper tantrums!

Meet Peppa, a French Bulldog that has WAY too much energy. She has so much energy that when she brushes up against a door stop, she goes absolutely crazy over it.

Peppa starts attacking the door stop and she also bites. I'm pretty sure she's just playing with it, but she seems pretty mad at it too! She doesn't give up either. She's determined to attack that door stop until the end of time! LOL!

Check out the video, but if you know a similar bully berserker (or other breed) that has something that triggers temper tantrums, we want to hear about it and so do the other PupFans over on Facebook! Drop by and let us know about your pup's hissy-fit trigger!

Now, watch Peppa have a temper tantrum over the door stop being in her way after the break.

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