What Many Doggies Desire Just as Much or More Than Treats

woman giving dog treat

Whenever your puppy goes to the bathroom outside or learns a new trick, what do you do? You probably head over to the treat jar in your kitchen and reward your little furball with his seemingly favorite item: a treat!

We've all made eye contact with our dogs when they want a treat. Their eyes look a little crazy and they might remain suspiciously close to you until they hear the crinkling of their treat bag. If your dog is like mine, then they start to cry and wag their tail until they are compensated.

So, it's only natural that we think our dogs love food more than anything else. It would be difficult for us to come up with something that would trump treats.

As it turns out, there is something they love more than food! Head to the next page to find out what it is!

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