When Confronted With a Spider, Pablo the Pug is Scared Out of His Dog-Gone Mind!

EEEK! Spiders are scary! Even to some of the bravest doggies!

They're huge, mean, and scare everyone with their creepy crawly legs! Pablo the Pug just can't stand those creepy spiders. He thinks they're as scary as that darn vacuum cleaner! LOL!

Watch him confront his greatest fear in this hilariously dramatic video! Will he defeat the evil spider? Will Pablo conquer his fear? Will he fight this war alone?

Find out who wins this battle of Pug vs. Spider!

You'll be at the edge of your seat as you see the two “fight.” Let's just hope Pablo the Pug can muster up his strength and courage for this one! He'll need to fight with everything he has!

Watch what happens when Pablo the Pug goes against a giant spider after the break! Just who will win this epic battle?!

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