When This Frenchie and Pug Get Together it’s Double Trouble – Better Watch Out, LOL!

pug and frenchie dog friends

Truth: it's so much fun watching two doggy pals go at it during playtime. Most dogs act very silly together, especially when they fight for their toys! And if each dog is stubborn, it makes their play time all the more entertaining!

This Frenchie has a funny Pug pal that he loves to play with. When these two get together, they are double the trouble! LOL!

You'll laugh at how adorable they are together while attempting to play keep away. Looks like this Frenchie is not in a very sharing and caring mood. However, his stubborn Pug pal is determined to sneak in a few bites of their favorite chew toy no matter what.

Find out which silly pup gets his way by watching this video!

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