Why it’s Extremely Important Your Dog Has His Tags During This Upcoming 4th of July Holiday

4th of July dog

The 4rth of July, Independence Day, is always a fun time. While we think about what our country means to us we can also eat barbecue, watermelon, listen to music, entertain with family and friends, at the end of the day there are fireworks. It is either the “safe and sane” on the ground or those huge, loud, beautiful colors in the sky!

This can also be a beautiful day to include your pet; walk along the beach together, allow him to steal a small portion of hot dog (but too much) from the barbecue, have him play with the children…

But at the end of the day, while we are enjoying fireworks, it’s best to take Rover inside where it’s quiet, and he can rest.

Let’s face it, dogs and fireworks do not mix. If your pup seems to have a reaction to loud thunderstorms, he will not enjoy himself, even with his family, outside during all the light displays.

And he just might take off as a frightened reaction!

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