(Video) It’s Time for 5 Pugs to Go to Bed. What Happens Next? Keep an Eye on Their Faces… LOL!

5 pugs wanting a treat

We've all seen those parents, whether it's in an airport, restaurant or grocery store, who are trying to juggle 4 or 5 kids. I can't imagine how chaotic it can become! When you watch this video of a human who has to get her 5 pugs tucked soundly into bed, you start to realize what a daunting, yet cute, task it is.

Why sleep when our dogs would much rather bounce around the house playing with toys and bark at passing cars? When all 5 pairs of large, bugged-out eyes are staring at you, it's difficult to say no. Their bedtime routine, just as with kids, often requires some bribery.

So, what's the secret to getting these 5 doggies into bed? This pug mom knows exactly what to do. Without this one thing, these pugs will be up all night in protest. They use their strength in numbers to their advantage. They're smart! You might be surprised at what works!

Continue on to watch how these pugs are usually lured to bed! But does it work this time around?

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