How a Person Can Correctly Clean Their Pug’s Ears


As humans, it's part of our daily routine to maintain our personal hygiene. We do it without even thinking twice.

Our dogs can't say the same, though. If they did need to through a bathing process as often as we did, every day would be filled with whines, cries and flying suds. It's safe to say that getting clean is not at the top of our dogs' priority lists (unless you have a perfectly-behaved prince or princess)!

Of course, cleaning our dogs' fur is just one issue. They have a plethora of other crevices and body parts that need some extra attention, including their nails and ears.

If you have a pug, then you know how adorable those floppy ears are, but you also know that they're not exactly low maintenance. They should come with care instructions! Instead of procrastinating when it comes to cleaning your pug's ears, you can learn how to make sure it's an easy, enjoyable and effective experience for both you and your furbaby!

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