Why a Dog Takes so Long to Decide Where to Poop

man and pug going poo

If there is one thing dog owners have in common, it is that our dogs need to walk and romp. Or more specifically, we need to take them for a walk so they can poop!

Granted, those with houses and yards can just let Fido go into the backyard and clean up later but, really, we all need to take our doggies out for day trips once in a while. Then, when we do that, our best friend will pee and poop. It’s just the way that it is!

But did you ever notice how Rover will wander awhile, sniff about, often travel in circles, before he or she selects the perfect place to eliminate? What is with that? Isn’t one place just as good as another? Or like with humans, are there some places dogs think of as port-a-potties? We hate the thought of using them but will if we have no other choice!

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