Doggy Training Mistakes You’re Making and Should Change Today

Are you training your pooch? If your immediate answer is “no,” don't be hard on yourself. Many pet owners don't take the time to train their doggy or if they do train their pooch they may not have done it correctly. Every pooch is different, so if you have trained your dog and you find the commands and training methods are not effective, it's time to change that.
Too Much Crazy Barking?
Fido may be getting confused by mixed messages and you using key phrases during a situation that doesn't warrant that command. It's not too late to be consistent with your pup and even re-train him if needed. Continue to read up on the best methods to train your pooch.

As you train your pooch, keep in mind that simple things can confuse him. If you're not being consistent, it's time to change that. In the same way when you're walking your doggy, teach him proper walking manners. If you find he's the one who is walking you, you may need to start back at square one. Don't worry — in time and with additional tips from sites like Healthy Pets, both you and Fido will be on the same page!

Too Much Crazy Barking?

1. Doing the right thing, but at the wrong time.
Every interaction with your pet sends a message, and sometimes dog owners inadvertently send the wrong ones.

Remember: To your dog, attention and especially affection are rewards, so try to offer them only when your pet is performing desired behaviors.

2. Who’s walking whom?
Your dog looks to you for guidance and leadership. He needs to know what his boundaries are in order to feel secure with you.

Remember: Your dog needs boundaries and manners, so take the time to help him become be a self-confident, balanced individual.
Too Much Crazy Barking?
3. Mistaking your dog for a human.
You and your dog are different species. Put another way, your dog is not a human. And treating her as if she is will deprive her of many things that can make her healthy and happy.

4. Fighting tooth and nail.
should brush your dog’s teeth if not every day, at least several times a week. Otherwise, like most dogs over the age of 3, he’ll have gum disease.Your dog’s nails also need to be clipped regularly.
Too Much Crazy Barking?
5. Showing hate for the crate.
Your Canis lupus is by nature a den dweller, and a crate affords you the opportunity to work with your pup’s natural desire to seek out small, dark, safe spots to inhabit.

6. Accentuating the negative.
If you want a balanced, well-mannered dog, the way to achieve this is with positive reinforcement behavior training, not punishment-based training. Remember: Positive reinforcement training is based on the simple notion that rewarding your dog for desired behavior will encourage more of that behavior.

Image Source: McPig / via Flickr

Source: Healthy Pets

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