11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

Do you have everyday annoyances that drive you crazy? Maybe your significant other refuses to pick up his clothes off of the floor or forgets to take out the trash when it's his chore day. Or perhaps a friend brings up that sore subject when you've repeatedly told them not to. When an annoyance gets taken too far often time, you can speak up about it and put an end to it before it drives you crazy.

Dogs have annoyances too… except they can't tell you that they're annoyed. How would you feel if someone kept bugging you but you couldn't do anything about it? You would likely go mad!

That's why as a doggy owner it's up to you to rely on your dog's non-verbal communication. However, even if think you have figured out what your pup is trying to say to you, you may not always get it. Or, at that moment, you're too busy to give it some serious thought.

It's time to change that. 

Are you giving your doggy mixed messages? For example, are you constantly telling him he can't have people food because he's begging nonstop but every once in a while you're giving him a few sneaks of people food under the table? If this sounds like you, the truth is you're giving your doggy mixed messages — no wonder he's so confused!

It's time to learn what you're doing that your pooch hates.

Visit the next page to learn about one behavior, in particular that confuses the hella out of your dog. And later you'll learn even more behaviors that you need to STOP IMMEDIATELY.

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