8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own a Pug…

Why on earth are pugs so popular? Is it their big eyes and curly tail? Or perhaps it's their charming nature? Oh, wait, it's probably their endless energy! Many pug owners love their dog and if asked about their pug will praise their fur child till no end.

However, even though they are charming breed, they're not the right pet for everyone. As pug supporters, we feel we need to tell you the truth why pugs are not the right type of dog for some people to own.

Check out 8 reasons that support our reasoning as to why a pug is not the best dog breed for you…

From the moment they are born they are downright scary. Seriously, who in their right mind would like a face like this?

adorable pug puppy

Via sunsets_for_you / Flickr

Wait until you see more reasons why people have no right owning a pug. The truth is this dog breed is NOT a good fit for everyone! 

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