11 Things Dogs HATE That Their Owners Won’t Stop Doing

Everyone has everyday annoyances that drive them crazy! Maybe their significant other refuses to pick up clothes discarded on the floor or forgets to take out the trash on chore day. When little annoyances go too far, you can speak up about it and make a change before it drives you crazy. But what if you couldn't really tell anyone exactly what was bugging you?

It turns out dogs have annoyances too and they really can't tell you about what's bothering them. No wonder some doggies act out!

As a doggie owner it's up to you to learn your dog's non-verbal communication signals. But even if think you have figured out what your pup is signalling, you might not get it exactly right every time.

It's time to make a change for the better.

Try to avoid sending mixed messages. Don't tell your pooch he can't have people food, but then relent every once in a while! If this sounds like you, it's no wonder your pup may be confused and annoyed!

It's time to learn what you're doing that your dog hates.

Move on to the next page and learn about the first behavior that confuses the heck out of dogs. Later you'll learn ten more behaviors that you need to STOP IMMEDIATELY. Your dog will thank you!

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