Important Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Care of an Anxious, Fearful Dog

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The decision to bring a new dog into your home is one of the most rewarding experiences. You'll have a loyal and caring family member for life. They each have their own individual personalities that make our daily routines endlessly entertaining.

Unlike our own kids, we're not always informed about the backgrounds of our dogs. We know we'll give them a loving home, but that doesn't automatically erase what they've experienced in their past.

For example, some dogs may have developed severe anxiety due to their prior owners. They're unsure about daily items and activities that any other dog would view as normal and unthreatening.

Even though humans are often the cause of such anxiety in dogs due to horrible and inhumane treatment, humans can also be the ones to heal those same doggies. They just need a little extra patience and help along the way!

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