(Video) Friendly Duck Shows Up Just When He’s Needed the Most and Becomes a Best Friend to a Grieving Dog

duck and dog

At one time or another, we have all had to face grief. Whether we have lost a parent, an animal, or a close friend, we have had to go through that terrible time, knowing they are no longer there for us to take comfort in. It’s always a bad time which, we hope, will eventually lessen.

Now, picture yourself as a dog who has always had a canine friend, someone you can pal around with who is your brother from “another mother. Then suddenly they are not there anymore! Why did he go away?

A dog may not truly understand death but he does know what a missing a BFF and loved one is all about.
When George lost his best friend, Blackie the Lab, he became very depressed, nearly dying due to anxiety issues and lack of food. He would not eat and developed terrible skin conditions because of constant nervous chewing on his fur.

Then, one day a duck – yes a duck – showed up and George found a new if very unlikely friend. Go to the next page and watch their story!

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