When Your Dog Does THIS, He’s Warning You to NOT Trust This Person

woman with two pugs

Depending on the dog they will initially either love a new person in their lives, jumping and wagging their tails excessively or dislike what they consider an invader into their territory, keeping their tail low and possibly barking or growling.

However, it’s the dog that gets to know people well and still maintains a negative or positive reaction that is most interesting!

Dogs, you see, are simple creatures but also smart and intuitive. If you treat them right, they will like and trust you. However, if an individual wrongs a dog too many times his trust and fondness for this person is at risk.

In other words, dogs are wonderful judges of character and research shows they will suffer fools for only so long. A study at a university in Japan shows that dogs in a study initially went to a container where the researchers pointed. The food was hidden there.

After that, they pointed to an empty container. Not only was this confusing for the dog but when they were directed to go to the area where there was food they did not. They no longer trusted the researchers!

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