Debunked! False Dog Facts

Neutering or Spaying Causes Personality Changes

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to whether you should get your dog neutered or spayed. Of course, the main reason is the dogs who are at an animal shelter right now are looking for a new home. Have you ever been afraid to fix your dog because you’ve heard that the operation will change your dog’s personality? I haven’t, but I can understand why it may be a concern. Some people even think that the operation can make their dog’s disposition awful, but experts seem to disagree.

According to studies, neutering a dog can prevent serious behavioral problems from happening such as aggression. One study, in particular, observed 209 males and 382 females and discovered that the only behaviors that changed were problem behaviors. Males and females actually became less aggressive and everything else in their personality was unchanged. Males were also less likely to roam around in search of a lady love.

It’s comforting knowing that your dog’s personality won’t change with an operation and as studies remind us, a neuter or spay operation can actually improve a dog’s life!

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