Why Some Dogs Follow Their Human Everywhere

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When it comes to children, whether we have some of our own or have babysat from time to time, many of us realize how they become our shadow. They adore following us around even if it's just to see what we're up to. Whether it's the dishes or folding clothes, they're one step behind us! While it's adorable, sometimes it's nice to get things done without being interrupted!

We can apply the same mentality to our fur children.

There's no denying that most dogs love to follow us around everywhere when we're around, and it only intensifies during mealtime and walk time. No fur child wants their food or walk time forgotten! Many dogs also look for signs that they're going to go on a walk, such as you pulling out the leash or grabbing your keys – might it be that time?! 😉

If we could, we'd take our dog everywhere with us. Unfortunately, since most public places don't allow our furry friends, it's important to build their independence and make them feel safe. We don't want our dogs to feel alone, but it's important to help them learn how to thrive by themselves. Plus, it's pretty exhausting for a pup to follow us around 24/7!

On the following page learn what steps to take to prevent a doggy from being too clingy. In the end, it'll help a dog learn how to cope while their owner is away and they'll be much happier and secure!

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