(Video) What Some People Feel the Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World Are Shocking

We all have our favorite dog breeds. Some of us are big dog people, some are small dog people and others love both equally. You might cherish a certain dog breed because you grew up with one or had a particular breed during a difficult time in your life. Regardless of the breed, our dogs are members of our families. And there would be a large hole both in our homes and our hearts without them.

Unfortunately, some breeds have less favorable reputations than others. If you had to choose between owning a Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler, I could easily guess which one you would prefer.

For some dog breeds, their reputation precedes them. They're automatically labeled as “dangerous” based on what counterparts of their breed have been involved in.

Yes, there are dangerous dogs in the world, but each dog has their own personality (even within breeds) and with proper socialization, we can steer them away from being put on the dangerous list.

Sometimes, they have to get a little love from us to give a little love. Take Michael Vick's dog fighting ring, for example. Pitbulls were automatically deemed dangerous because the majority of dogs belonged to that breed.

However, we have to remember the situation they were in. They were taught and trained to fight by humans. Luckily, many of the dogs were rescued and have been living happy and loving lives with their adoptive families. Head to this story to see for yourself!

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