5 Dog Breeds That Have Blue Eyes and The Facts Surrounding This Beautiful Feature

blue eyed french bulldog

All dogs are beautiful. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes! However, a lot of us tend to be particularly struck by blue eyed pooches. They can be pretty rare to spot sometimes but when we see a doggy with blue yes, it's hard not to melt!

Well, there's a lot more to it than just genetics. Doggies have blue eyes for a reason. Not only are blue eyes rare in some dogs, but if you know of a dog that your friend has who has blue eyes you're probably curious as to how they came to be that way.

Well, the good news is on the next page you can find out how this unique feature comes out in some doggies.

The facts that make this amazing trait come out in some pups are fascinating. Does your pooch have blue eyes? Well, you might just find out how that came to be!

Find out the facts about doggies with blue eyes on the next page!

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