5 Essential Tips to Keep a Pooch Safe Around a Fireplace


It is hard to believe that Winter is less than a few days away. Already, in most of the United States,  some temperatures have already gotten below zero! It is time for a good roaring fire in the hearth; a simple thing but it can also be fraught with danger – for our pets!

You would think they would know better than to lounge too close to a fire, they can feel the heat, but dogs and cats – just like kids – can often be reckless during their play.

Not thinking about getting too close to those flames, the poor puppies can roll right into the fireplace and get seriously hurt! And often they may believe they are far enough away but – well – they have tails and tend to forget they need to stay away too!

After the break, check out five essential tips to keep a pooch safe around a fireplace!

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