Does Your Pug Run for His Life When You Bring Out the Nails Clippers? If So, Here’s the Solution…

hiding pug

It's that time again. Time for your Pug to get his nails trimmed. Except every time you take out the nail clippers he runs and hides. He may even scream! You have to admit he's over the top dramatic, and you have to wonder, why is nail trimming that bad (according to your doggy that is)?!

If this is your typical experience every time you try to clip your Pug's nails, then you are familiar with how difficult a feat it is to get this task done. Perhaps you've tried different techniques too to no avail. You would like to trim your dog's nails at home, but he is making it difficult!

As much as this is a task you'd like to put off, the longer your dog's nails get, the more likely he may get a nail stuck on something or worse, it could actually affect his posture. Nails that are too long could also cause unnecessary pain in her hind end due to her posture adjustments – ouch!

There is no magic technique to trimming your Pug's nails rather than using lots of love and affection and easing him into the process. By regularly clipping your doggy's nails — you will keep him happy and healthy.

Keep reading for some helpful tips that'll help you get through the nail clipping process and maybe make it possible without him running away and screaming. LOL! Sure, it may take some time… but he's worth it, right?!

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