Baby Elephant Abandoned by His Herd and is Very Sad Until He Meets the Most Unlikely Friend


There's something about a baby elephant that is completely irresistible. Maybe it's their oversized ears that they haven't yet grown into or their little trunks that seem to have an endless curiosity. It could be their little, gray paws that pad along the ground or even their wrinkles that make them appear much older than they actually are.

Unfortunately, poaching has caused many elephants to be orphaned, which is both heartbreaking and angering. Luckily, there are many elephant sanctuaries and orphanages that take care of elephants, both young and old, who have experienced devastating situations. It gives you hope!

However, another reason a baby elephant might be on his own is due to abandonment. This baby elephant, appropriately nicknamed Ellie, was rejected by his herd. When you look into this little guy's eyes, you can't imagine how something like that could happen to him. On top of being alone, he was facing a life-threatening emergency that made him even weaker and vulnerable than he already was.

Luckily, there's a happy ending to this tear-jerking story! Don't worry! Baby Ellie finds a best friend in an unexpected animal and it's clear that his future is much brighter than his past!

After the break, watch Ellie's story and learn how he is making the most out of his new life with an unlikely companion! You'll want to reach through the screen and give this little elephant a big hug!

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