Is it Okay to Feed My Dog Pumpkin During Halloween?


Fall is officially here and so is the Halloween season. With it comes trick or treating, candy, trips to the pumpkin patch, and of course, lots and lots of pumpkins! LOL!

Did you know that pumpkins can also be enjoyed by your pooch? It's hard to believe, but you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are many health benefits for doggies that eat pumpkins.

However, don't go feeding your dog your old jack'o lantern this November 1st after Halloween is over! There's a certain way to do it.

Luckily on this post, you'll learn the best way to feed your pooch this delicious autumn treat so he can get the most of it!

Find out if it's ok to feed your doggy some pumpkin during the Halloween season on the next page!

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